Get Well

by getXwell

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released May 21, 2017

Recorded by Thomas and Gillen in Aunt Karen's basement. Seriously. Give her a high five next time you see her, she was awesome about it.

Mastered by Will Killingsworth (



all rights reserved


getXwell Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mathy straight edge hardcore formed in July 2016.

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Track Name: Hourglass
Taken ill by silent treatment.
Im haunted when you speak - its then i see
black tar, oil, and swill that drips out from your lips.
I will light the match that follows it up and fills you up with light.
Your fear turned hate, your wish to blame - insecurity - burnt to ash.
We’re all numb, deaf, and dumb through routine.
Worn down just enough to accept anything.
I want to live for something.
I want to live with substance.
I want to see this seed bloom and break ground.
To choke out the overgrowth that falls down.
To feed a new foundation.
New life to get this right.
I want to be the voice in your head.
I want to be the twitch you can’t hide.
I want to be the hourglass.
The hand of the clock that stalks you.
The face in the mirror that haunts you.
The itch that you must succumb to.
The voice in your head that screams
Always resist.
Never content.
You make your own way.
Track Name: The Impasse
I hear your every word, yet
even taken with a grain of salt and the best of intentions
it smells and tastes of sick to me.
There’s no ill will that I hold, no curse to plague your soul.
Just self-preservation. Survival instinct.
I can’t be your crutch or your compass.
I won’t play victim or accomplice.
Alone is where you’ll find if the rope that your clutching is anchored to anything
other than ego and obstinacy.
There is no safety net.
No deity orchestrating from up above.
No safety net to catch the weight when you fall.
You are owed nothing but yourself.
We control nothing but what we cede control of ourselves to.
It assimilates in until its wearing your skin.
It clouds any shred of truth.
Even taken with a grain of salt,
your words are just white noise falling on deaf ears.
I can’t save you.
Track Name: Black Lodge
These pulsing rooms, their scattered lights, bring false awakenings.
This apathy, breeds atrophy, feeds migraine consciousness.
Copper dreams mock reality and I’m lost between
a thousand layers of paling reflections of myself
I take a seat at the table.
Screaming myself awake. (x2)
Digging in my nails to feel something.
Pulling myself away. (x2)
I crawl along to find some way out of the (dark).
I taste the tin of my blood, i smell stale air.
I am alive.
I sit up. I stand. I run. Im running. Im running out of this…
I have the fury of my own momentum. (x2)
My will, will drag my body along.
I will walk through every wall.
My breathe must be rebellion.
I can’t be content to sleep.
I have the fury of my own momentum. (x2)
Track Name: Universal Monsters
Cut off the air.
The room just spins as I sink below
the flood of blood, spit, & righteous swill.
A thousand wounds swell up with rot.
Burn me at the stake.
This witch will raise hell.
I will hold your every fear up to light, swallow it all and bleed fuel from your spite.
This is just the start.
I am the breath on the back of your neck. The creeping feeling that you just can’t out step.
It’s all in your head.
The chill down your spine.
The dying light.
I am one of many devils in your room.
The hand under your bed, dragging you under, into the black.
With nowhere left to hide: you must face inward.
The shadow you fear is the one at your side
for you to feed, or to feed to fire.
Will you be left burning?
You’ll be burning.
The shadow you fear
Is at your side
For you to feed
or feed to fire.
I see you burning.
You’re burning.
Track Name: Phantom Hand
Flushed -
head above the clouds, swaying,
drunk on oxygen.
Heave through your gritted teeth
peaking out of a crooked smirk.
You’re so coy.
You could be their savior, why not push your luck.
You say this world is just an oyster - waiting for the shuck.
Take whats yours.
You don’t go anywhere just to be denied.
Delusions of piousness.
Throw your weight - you’re so tenacious.
You just look out for number one.
A phantom hand
digging through flesh, through marrow, through bone as it
wraps fingers ‘round - around the soul and squeezes ’til the job is done.
Manifest destiny - you inherit everything.
Free to walk like the world is yours.
“Lex Talons” - let nature take its course.
There’s nothing in your way but rational thought, evolution, and time - and those like us.